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How buying a car impacts your finances

July 11, 2022

How buying a car impacts your finances

Buying a new car can be an incredibly exciting experience for individuals. Having a new car can provide a sense of confidence, provide a feeling of safety, and bring overall happiness to a person. While buying a new car is an exciting event, it is important to understand how it can impact your finances in the future. Before buying a car, ensure you have a strong understanding of the following impacts on your finances and your overall financial health.

Your Monthly Budget

For most Americans, the best way to purchase a car is by applying for car loans. You can receive financing in a few different ways, including through the bank, a third-party lender, or through the dealership directly. When financing your car, it will more than likely impact your monthly spending and overall budget. In order to best prepare for the change, it is important to look at what payment you can afford without potentially hurting your finances in the future. This will not only help you get a better idea of a realistic payment but can also ensure that you do not have financial trouble because of the car payment. 

Another thing to consider with your monthly budget is your interest rate. Depending on your credit score, the interest rate can lead to higher monthly payments. This means you should prepare for a range of interest rates, so you can maintain an accurate picture of your monthly payment and its impact on your budget. 

Your Credit Score

When applying for a loan for your car, your credit will be run to ensure that you are able to make the monthly payments. Once the purchase is finalized, it will become crucial to pay the monthly costs on time or early, when possible. Late payments on a car loan can negatively affect your credit score and can make it more difficult to maintain a good credit score. Paying the full amount due on time each month will help reduce the risk of your credit score being impacted. Additionally, if you do not have a long credit history, making on-time payments can also help boost your credit score over time.